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Google Data Scientist | October 2020

AnonymousApril 5, 2021

Company: Google

Position: Data Scientist

Location: nan

Level: Associate/Entry Level

Outcome: Techncal Screen Rejected

How was the interview process? What was it like?

I thought the interview experience was actually great, even though I didn't make it through. The questions were straightforward and of medium difficulty. They did not ask any brain teaser questions, and they were not trying to trip me up. The interviewer carefully walked through every step of the answer for each question so that I could thoroughly answer the question.

What technical questions were asked?

Modeling and ML Knowledge, AB Testing & Statistics, Product Metrics and Analytical, Data management (not SQL)

What was one of your solutions?

First question: set up a hypothesis test. You have to walk through every step of the test and calculate each value, including the test statistic and p-value.
Second question: I used R. rbinom() for randomly sampling. as.matrix() to transform vector into a matrix. sapply() to sum across rows.

Data Scientist
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