Data Science Interview Coaching

Get the expert help needed to ace your next data science interview from professionals at top tech companies

  • One Coaching Session

    1-hour practice interview session with an experienced data scientist from a top tech company.
  • 3 Coaching Sessions

    Three 1-hour practice interview sessions with an experienced data scientist from a top tech company.

Expert Data Science Coaches

Get customized data science and machine learning mentorship for your next interview

  • Jay
    CEO of Interview Query

    Jay is a data scientist and co-founder of Interview Query. Before starting Interview Query, he worked at a couple different startups and has interviewed hundreds of candidates.

  • Jeff
    Data Scientist @ DoorDash

    Jeff is a data scientist with specializations in machine learning, ab testing, multi-sided marketplaces, and building recommendation systems and data pipelines. 

  • Jeyda
    Data Scientist @ Nextdoor

    Jeyda is a data scientist with five plus years of experience in social media and D2C companies. She has deep experience in analytics and ads modeling. 

  • Tyler
    Data Scientist @ FAANG

    Tyler is a data scientist at one of the FAANG companies. He has extensive experience in analytics, modeling, and social media platforms.

  • Chris
    Data Scientist @ LinkedIn

    Chris is a data scientist currently working at LinkedIn, with previous experience at Komodo Health and Nextdoor. He specializes coaching through the technical round, primarily in SQL and Python.

  • Facebook logo blog
    Data Engineer @ Quizlet

    Dan is a data engineer working on platform and infrastructure at Quizlet. He specializes in performance engineering and scaling infrastructure and data systems to scale.

  • Ben
    Data Scientist @ Nextdoor, Envoy, Blackrock
    Ben has worked in data science for five plus years at an array of different companies like Nextdoor, Envoy, and Blackrock.
  • Sergey
    Data Scientist and Algorithms Expert

    Sergey is a data science consultant and programming competition winner. He specializes in algorithms and helping candidates succeed in coding interviews and challenges.

Level Up Faster

Data scientists have the toughest interviews. Here's how a coach can help. 

  • Understand Your Skills Gap

    Learn where your weaknesses and strengths lie with a data science coach. Get personalized feedback in practice sessions and guidance on what to improve on for next time.

  • Get Expert Mentorship

    Data science coaches act as a dedicated mentor that can help out with anything from career advice to technical skills development

  • Insider Knowledge

    We source data science coaches that have extensive domain knowledge on how the interview process works at different companies.