Data Science Interview Coaching

Get the expert help needed to ace your next data science interview from professionals at top tech companies

  • One Coaching Session

    1-hour practice interview session with an experienced data scientist from a top tech company.
  • 3 Coaching Sessions

    Three 1-hour practice interview sessions with an experienced data scientist from a top tech company.

Expert Data Science Coaches

Get customized data science and machine learning mentorship for your next interview

  • Jeff
    Data Scientist @ Spotify, DoorDash

    Jeff is a data scientist with specializations in machine learning, ab testing, multi-sided marketplaces, and building recommendation systems and data pipelines. 

  • Nina Coach
    Data Scientist

    Nina is a senior data scientist at a FAANG company, with over 9+ years of experience in data science, analytics, consulting, and research. She currently focuses on delivering data-driven strategies for sales and marketing teams, running experiments and measuring impact, and building scalable infrastructure.

  • Soni
    Data Architect and Engineer

    Soni is a data architect at Databricks with 10 years of experience in data engineering and analytics. Prior to Databricks, Soni worked at Amazon for six years in multiple roles across data engineering and business intelligence.

  • Sundeep
    AI, ML, and NLP Specialist

    Sundeep is an AI and neuroscience expert with professional experience in natural language processing working on Alexa AI at Amazon. He also holds a cognitive neuroscience degree at Oxford University and University College London.

  • Tyler
    Data Scientist @ FAANG

    Tyler is a data scientist at one of the FAANG companies. He has extensive experience in analytics, modeling, political campaigns, and social media platforms.

  • Vivek Data Science Coach
    Senior ML Engineer and Data Scientist

    Vivek is a senior data scientist and machine learning engineer with previous experience at e-commerce companies such as Amazon and Walmart. He specializes in statistics, natural language processing, and computer vision.

  • Chris
    Data Engineer/Scientist @ Meta, LinkedIn

    Chris is a data engineer currently working at Meta (Facebook) with previous experience at Linkedin, Komodo Health and Nextdoor. He specializes coaching through the technical round, primarily in SQL and Python.

  • Arun Data Science Coach
    Principal Data Science Manager
    Dr. Arun Gururajan has 15+ years of R&D experience in data science, spanning across companies like Microsoft and Humana. He has conducted hundreds of data science interviews as well as been published in numerous peer-reviewed publications and patents.
  • Ben Data Science Coach
    Data Scientist & Analytics Specialist
    Ben has worked in data science for five plus years at an array of different companies in ads and anlytics roles like DoorDash, Nextdoor, Envoy, and Blackrock.
  • Zarrar
    Data Scientist

    Zarrar is a data scientist working at a startup focusing on utilizing NLP and computer vision. Prior to industry, he received his PhD in cognitive neuroscience and developed models in facial recognition and human decision-making.

  • Andrew
    Lead Data Scientist

    Andrew is a lead data scientist with over five plus years of experience at different companies like Paypal and Bitorrent. Andrew has worked at hedge funds, NLP startups, and understands how to create coaching programs custom to every level.

  • Scott Data Engineer Coach
    Data & ML Infrastructure Engineer

    Scott is a machine learning and data engineer with over 8+ years of experience at various companies like Amazon, Nextdoor, and growth startups. His teaching method is focused on making learn the skills needed and reach that AHA moment.

  • Alok Data Science Coach
    Product Analyst & FAANG

    Alok is a product analyst with extensive data engineering and analytics experience. Currently he's working at a big tech FAANG company and has conducted interviews for many data science and analytics candidates.

  • Yadir Data Science Coach
    Data Scientist

    Yadir is a data scientist with experience sports analytics and betting models. He holds a masters degree in operations research and analytics from Columbia.

Level Up Faster

Data scientists have the toughest interviews. Here's how a coach can help. 

  • Understand Your Skills Gap

    Learn where your weaknesses and strengths lie with a data science coach. Get personalized feedback in practice sessions and guidance on what to improve on for next time.

  • Get Expert Mentorship

    Data science coaches act as a dedicated mentor that can help out with anything from career advice to technical skills development

  • Insider Knowledge

    We source data science coaches that have extensive domain knowledge on how the interview process works at different companies.

How It Works

  • 1

    Find Your Coach 🖐

    Each interview will start out with filling out your background, interview expectations, job search timeline, and current preparation level.

    We then match you to a coach based on these specifications. If you have a specific coaching request, we try our best to match you with that person.

    Depending on your preferences, the data science and machine learning coach can guide through two different styles of learning: mentorship style or mock interview session.

  • 2

    Mentorship Style 💪

    This coaching session is more beginner friendly and focused on working through an interview question step by step with the candidate.

    An example session would start out with the data science coach proposing an interview question or concept to go over. The coach would continually give hints on how to start and approach the problem and helps guide through potential roadblocks.

    Towards the end of the session, the data science coach will pose different ways to attack the problem, summarize a framework, and give you pointers on how to tackle the problem for the next time.

  • 3

    Mock Interview Session 👌

    This style is a practice mock interview. The format is usually simulating a live interview that allows you to get feedback and understand your weaknesses.

    The data science coach will ask one or two interview questions. These can be tailored for an upcoming interview or generalized for a specific topic or industry (SQL, Machine Learning, Product, Marketplaces, E-commerce, etc..)

    At the end of the session, the coach will leave 15 minutes for feedback on what you did well or what you should improve in.

    Lastly the data science coach will extend a study plan for how to improve for the next session and communicate how much studying you need to do to ace your next interview!👌