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Product Intuition

Understanding how to solve problems before pulling data and how to showcase analytical knowledge to empower business decisions.


These questions test how to write complex implementations of data structures and algorithms for machine learning and engineering focused roles.

SQL & Analysis

Tests data analytics, ability to pull your own data for building models, and different interpretation of datasets and metrics.

Python Scripting

Test basic skills within coding in Python such as text parsing, reading files for writing scripts or building features out of datasets in Pandas.

Statistics & A/B Testing

Needed to understand the basics of statistics, experiment design, and how to effectively measure and implement A/B tests.

Machine Learning & System Design

Understanding of how to build, deploy, and test machine learning models in production as well as how to architecting database design for scale.


A focus on testing the interpretation and validation of model building, model case studies, and showcasing an understanding of tradeoffs between technical and business decisions.


Based on understanding the principles behind many algorithms and models.

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