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Why Data Scientists Trust Interview Query

Check out all of our amazing success stories!

  • "Interview Query is by far the best resource for helping students learn how to transition from Masters and undergraduate programs into the data science industry!"
    Chinmaya M., AI & Machine Learning @ Microsoft
  • "I was out of a job for almst five months until I used Interview Query and landed a job at DoorDash. It is by far THE BEST resource for data science and machine learning interviewing whether at a startup or big tech company."
    Ben H., Data Scientist @ DoorDash
  • "The SQL questions in Interview Query were super helpful. You never find SQL questions dedicated for data scientists."
    Taher E., Data Scientist @ Apple
  • "I used these questions when I was studying while looking for my next job. They're super comprehensive, made the questions easy to understand, and I felt well-prepped going into my interviews."
    James G., ML Engineer @ Google Brain
  • "I found Interview Query Premium the best resource in terms of showing what the questions from data science tech companies were like."
    Alex P., Data Scientist @ NetworkNext
  • "Interview Query was the best interview prep courses that helped me land my job as a machine learning engineer. It has done for data science what LeetCode has done for engineers, making the interview for ddta science gameable and winnable through practice."
    Jerry K., ML Engineer @ U.S. Bank
  • "I found the questions really helpful when I was interviewing. They were actually relevant, from companies that I applied to, and so a few of the questions actually showed up and I was well prepared to answer them."
    Quan L., Data Analyst @ Facebook
  • "Interview Query is very data science specific and does a really great job on touching on all aspects of what the modern data science role is like."
    Yadir L, Data Scientist @ Stats
  • "Interview Query is great! The solutions are really well written and the concepts in the sql questions were surprisingly repeated a couple times in all of my interviews."
    Angie H., Data Analyst @ Addepar
  • "The explanations really helped me understand SQL and machine learning concepts from the ground up. I started with a very basic knowledge of SQL beforehand to eventually leveling myself up to getting good enough to get an offer!"
    Danny, Data Scientist @ Hedge Fund
  • "Interview Query was a great litmus test for my knowledge. It helped me to assess which subjects I knew well and which subjects I needed to prepare more for. There were some great questions and the solutions had good explanations."
    Zach H., Analytics Program Manager @ Google
  • "Interview Query was super helpful and I got a job offer!
    Madhumitha K, Data Scientist
  • "Super helpful in my job search! I got an offer as a data analyst pretty quickly through Interview Query."
    Viet N., Data Analyst

Ready to land your dream data science job?

What topics are covered?

Data science, machine learning, and analytics interviews are extremely complex. Luckily, we have you covered.

  • Python Scripting

    Test basic skills within coding in Python such as text parsing, reading files for writing scripts, or building features out of datasets in Pandas.
  • SQL and Analysis

    Tests data analytics, ability to pull your own data for building models, and different interpretation of datasets and metrics.
  • Product Intuition

    Understanding how to solve problems before pulling data and how to showcase analytical knowledge to empower business decisions.
  • Algorithms

    These questions test how to write complex implementations of data structures and algorithms for machine learning and engineering focused roles.
  • Modeling

    A focus on testing the interpretation and validation of model building, model case studies, and showcasing an understanding of tradeoffs between technical and business decisions.
  • Probability

    Based on understanding the principles behind many algorithms and models.
  • Statistics & AB Testing

    Needed to understand the basics of statistics, experiment design, and how to effectively measure and implement AB tests.
  • Machine Learning & System Design

    Understanding of how to build, deploy, and test machine learning models in production as well as how to architecting database design for scale.

Data science studying built by actual data scientists

We know you already know data science. But our data science interview course teaches you the right way to think for the interview

  • Interview Question Solutions
  • Interview Query SQL Editor
  • Coding Demo

Get Expert Feedback

Take the uncertainty out of interviewing. Sign up for our Mastery Package to get access to a 1x1 coaching session with a data science professional. 

  • Practice with a Professional

    No one is naturally good at interviewing. Data science interviews today are not only non standardized, but also graded on a combination of technical, business, and communication skills that is tough to replicate without consistent practice and feedback.

  • Expert Knowledge

    A professional data science coach can help you point out gaps in your knowledge before facing the real interview. Interview Query coaches are matched based on specialization (machine learning, analytics, product, etc..), timezone, and availability.

  • Customized to you

    Each data science coaching session is customized to any area you need improvement. Some examples of a 1x1 session would be breaking down an interview step by step, conducting a mock interview with in-depth feedback, or going through strategies to tackle different problem types.

Prepare for the Take-Home

30+ take-home challenges from small startups to large companies

  • Startups

    • Cloud Kitchen
    • Mya
    • Dia & Co
    • Wanderjaunt
    • Qventus
  • Mid-Size

    • Instacart
    • Buildzoom
    • Opendoor
    • Master Class
    • Hopper
  • Large

    • Airbnb
    • Starbucks
    • Uber
    • DoorDash
    • Lyft

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