Help your students get data science & machine learning job offers from their dream company.

We provide them with 500+ real questions, 200+ lessons & 30+ challenges, adaptive learning tools, advanced courses & peer-to-peer mock interviews.

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* increase your university success rate by helping more students get job offers from big tech companies

Fostering student success with some of the best universities

How Interview Query helps counselors and professors?

What do the students get with Interview Query Premium?

Our students get a 25% higher salary than others.

500+ Real interview questions from top tech companies


In-depth solutions and case studies


Unlimited code runs and codes submissions


Students face challenges to measure their skills and compare with peers.


1600+ Company interview guides


Network with our expert mentors on our slack channel


Job board where they can apply for jobs


A personal dashboard where they can track their progress

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We help your students kickstart their careers with the best companies.

Before IQ

  • Students are wasting hours finding the best on the internet that have become practices obsolete.
  • There's no consistent way to help all your students get on a one-on-one with mentors from the same industry.
  • You are clueless about student performance against their peer from other colleges.
  • The alumni network is limited to a few top companies and doesn't cover all the top companies.

After IQ

  • You can regularly track student performance and help the best students get their dream jobs faster.
  • There's one single repository with all the interview questions, courses, challenges, and mentorship opportunities for students.
  • Your students have the edge over other peers because they are more prepared and practice better.
  • You attract more relevant talent to your university with a much-improved student success rate.
  • You build a solid alumni network with your graduates, getting job offers from world- renowned companies.

From (recent graduate) to (data scientist at Google) in months

Interview Query keeps you informed about your students' performance with a simple, minimal dashboard

Save Hours On Training

Less Guessing, More Data

Attract the Right Talent

Save time & cost by outsourcing the student training efforts to Interview Query

Help your talented students get offers from the best companies without hiring a separate recruiting or training team.

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Proudly helping students grab offers from world-renowned companies

There's A Lot Of Untapped Potential In Your Students' capability and skills

Take charge of the hiring efforts with a single, minimal dashboard and help your students level up their data science skills.

Increase your student placement rate today

Boost success and improve technical interviewing skills for your students.

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