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Data Scientist Salaries (Updated for 2022)

Let's dive into data science salaries and see how they vary by seniority, location, and across different companies.

We analyzed over 50,000 data science salaries.

There is base salary, which is a standard everywhere, but with the advent of stock options, restricted stock units (RSUs), annual bonuses, sign on bonuses, 401K matching, and an extremely tight labor market, data science salary numbers can be complex.


Average Base Salary


Average Total Compensation

Min: $70K
Max: $182K
Min: $18K
Max: $395K

Data Science Salaries Over Time

We analyzed data going all the way back to 2015 and realized that salaries for data scientists have gone up as the field as grown.

Because the average across all time periods isn’t really that helpful, we tried to add a recency weighted scale that would adjust the salaries for the more recent additions. As you can see, in the last two years, the average data scientist salary is actually around $140K.


We initially used a linear recency scale - but as you can see it’s still averaged to pre-2018. So in the future we might us an exponential one to really validate our findings and show the most up to date accurate information.

Data Scientist Salary Compared to other Positions

Data science is a term to describe many different positions across a spectrum of roles. If we compare the salary of positions named “Data Scientist” across data engineers and machine learning engineers while also looking at other tech jobs like product managers and software engineers, data scientists fall neatly in the upper levels, but the variance is pretty high.

Most data science positions fall under different position titles depending on the actual role.

From the graph we can see that on average the Product Manager role pays the most with a $154,583 base salary while the Business Analyst role on average pays the least with a $80,584 base salary.

Data engineers and data analysts salaries have also increased by 35% over the past 5 years compared to a 6% increase by software engineers.

But most data science roles are just playing catch up. Data engineers and data scientists made on average around $140K in base pay in 2021 compared to $155K for software engineers.

data salaries by year

Machine learning engineers were still the highest paying out of all data positions, averaging $175K in base salary in 2021.

Data Scientist Salary by Seniority Levels

It’s undeniable that years of experience is by far the biggest factor to influence salaries.

While most titles don’t have seniority titles, we scraped data and combined seniority titles with years of experience to create buckets representative of how we would envision a regular career path forming:

  • Individual contributor route → Entry level, Mid-level, Senior, Principal, Staff, Architect, etc…

  • Manager route → Entry level, Mid-level, Senior, Manager, Director, VP, etc…

Here we’ve bucketed almost all individuals with 5+ years of experience or varying levels of senior individual contributor titles (staff, principal, etc…) into one bucket called “Senior Data Scientists”. This drastically reduces the complexity around understanding how different organizations set their own levels (is L1 or L3 the bottom?) and titles (is principal more senior than staff?).

Seniority Title Seniority Categorization
Entry Level Data Scientist 0-1 years of relevant experience
Mid-Level Data Scientist 2-5 years of relevant experience
Senior Data Scientist 6+ years of relevant experience
Data Science Manager Manager in job title
Director or VP of Data Science Director or higher in job title

We’re seeing that on average, once you have a few years of experience under your belt, the base salary and total compensation numbers skyrocket.

So just note that after one or two years at a company as an entry level data scientist, and you’re not getting a significant raise, it’s definitely in your best interest to try to move jobs.

Additionally the data suggests that many senior data scientists on average make more in total compensation than data science managers.

This is especially due to the number of senior data scientists on staff at larger FAANG companies where an individual contributor with 10+ years of experience can make tons of money given their leverage in increasing company revenue.

Top Cities for Data Scientist Salaries

Most data science salaries vary a lot by location. But Covid-19 and the shift to remote work really changed how we value location based salaries.

For example here are the cities with the highest base salaries. And it’s no surprise that average base data science salaries in San Francisco and Seattle come in on top with at over $145K and $130K, respectively.

The Data Scientist salary in Sydney, Australia is the highest paying salary with a $172,500 average base salary. The Data Scientist salary in Warsaw, Poland is the lowest paying salary with $45,000 average base salary.

But with the advent of remote work, employers started making choices whether to normalize salaries across the entire U.S. or based on where you were living. So if we look at the best cities to live, normalized data science salaries in Austin, Boise, Arkansas, and Cincinnati are among the best.

Top Cities by Cost of Living

Top Companies for Data Scientist Salaries

Lastly analyzing the top companies that hire for data scientists, we can see the FAANG companies all around the top.


The Data Scientist at Netflix salary is the highest paying salary with a $318,757 average base salary. The Data Scientist at Internet Brands salary is the lowest paying salary with $43,056 average base salary.