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Machine Learning
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Johnson & Johnson Salaries by Position

Machine Learning Engineer*
Machine Learning Engineer
Median: $180K
Mean (Average): $180K
Data points: 1
Data Scientist
Median: $150K
Mean (Average): $163K
Data points: 6
Product Manager*
Product Manager
Median: $140K
Mean (Average): $140K
Data points: 1
Software Engineer
Median: $130K
Mean (Average): $135K
Data points: 13
Business Intelligence*
Business Intelligence
Median: $115K
Mean (Average): $115K
Data points: 1
Business Analyst
Median: $69K
Mean (Average): $71K
Data points: 3

Most data science positions fall under different position titles depending on the actual role.

From the graph we can see that on average the Machine Learning Engineer role pays the most with a $180,000 base salary while the Business Analyst role on average pays the least with a $71,000 base salary.