Grubhub Interview QuestionsGrubhub Interview Questions

Grubhub Company introduction

Grubhub Company introduction

Grubhub is an innovative company that’s powered by a team of highly skilled and motivated engineers. We are dedicated to ensuring the security and scalability of our infrastructure, while delivering top-notch craftsmanship. Our company is continuously growing and pushing boundaries to keep up with new product development. As we expand our services to accommodate increased volume and more clients, we are on the hunt for talented engineers to uphold the high standards of security across our platform.

Our dedicated Security Engineering team works tirelessly to maintain our robust security standards across our technical infrastructure, applications, and processes. Our engineers are involved in automating security in AWS environments, assuring the uptime and availability of our security tools, and working collaboratively with other engineering teams to enhance our product’s security.

At Grubhub, we believe in working hand-in-hand with our developer and SRE teams, establishing strong relationships to ensure secure development and deployment. We integrate security tools into our development pipeline to create a more efficient and self-serving environment for our engineering teams. We actively advocate for security within our organization and constantly strive for practical software and architectural security improvements.

We nurture our engineers’ skills in evaluating, proposing, or validating security features in our products and applications, and encourage them to contribute to the security champions/ambassador program. With a formal education in Computer Science or Information Security and a strong knowledge base of network and application security best practices and standards, our engineers are the best in the industry. Grubhub is not just a place to work; it is a platform for growth, innovation, and excellence in the realm of technology.

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Grubhub Salaries by Position

Product Manager
Median: $155K
Mean (Average): $153K
Data points: 18
Data Engineer
Median: $140K
Mean (Average): $140K
Data points: 43
Software Engineer
Median: $132K
Mean (Average): $132K
Data points: 226
Data Scientist
Median: $130K
Mean (Average): $131K
Data points: 75
Data Analyst
Median: $95K
Mean (Average): $99K
Data points: 18
Business Analyst
Median: $95K
Mean (Average): $93K
Data points: 3
Growth Marketing Analyst
Median: $72K
Mean (Average): $73K
Data points: 3

Most data science positions fall under different position titles depending on the actual role.

From the graph we can see that on average the Product Manager role pays the most with a $153,444 base salary while the Growth Marketing Analyst role on average pays the least with a $73,000 base salary.