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Redfin is a revolutionary real estate company that puts the consumer first by integrating technology and agents to result in a better, faster, and more affordable service. Founded on high hiring standards and a humble company culture, a career at Redfin promises daily inspiration and challenges regardless of your role. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service during one of life’s most important events - buying or selling a home.

Our teams utilize comprehensive and high-level real estate data to drive business decisions and improve all aspects of our buyers’ experience. We are steadfast in turning data into tangible, actionable insights to propel the largest sector of our business forward. Our operational analytics team is wholly devoted to a thorough comprehension of our customer’s needs and the intricacies of their home purchasing journey.

Redfin’s commitment to innovation and operational excellence extends to all our roles, including our Senior Data Analyst for Buyers Brokerage, who play a pivotal role in planning, analyzing new initiatives and building robust analytical reporting, among others. Collaborations with various teams like Real Estate Operations, Engineering, Finance, and Program Management helps us to address tough questions and make strategic, data-driven decisions.

Working at Redfin gives you competitive compensation, generous benefits, and a strong startup culture that welcomes diversity. Offering everything from paid vacation, family leaves, medical, dental, and vision insurance, Redfin not only provides a conducive working environment but also assures the comprehensive welfare of our employees. At Redfin, we embrace the multi-step selection process for hiring the most qualified individuals, guaranteeing safety and the potential for equal opportunity. Join us to make a difference in the real estate industry while navigating the excitement and challenges of an inclusive, innovative, and rewarding workspace.

Redfin Interview Guides

The Interview Process


Redfin is a real-estate startup that merges technology and real-estate to offer various services such as buying and selling homes. The Software Engineer Mid-Level position at Redfin is a unique opportunity to work on projects that make a genuine impact. This guide will provide you insights on how to navigate the interview process effectively.

Redfin Interview Process

Stage 1: Screening

First, you will go through an automated screening process. This could involve submitting an application or completing an initial assessment.

Stage 2: HR Interview

The next stage is an HR interview. This stage will likely involve discussions about your skills, work experience, career goals, and basic technical competencies. Do not be alarmed if the HR agent seems unfamiliar with your resume; they handle many applicants, and this is not a reflection of your viability for the role.

Stage 3: Technical Assessment

Following the HR interview, you will often be sent a technical assessment. This typically involves solving coding challenges and could take some time to complete. While the platform used for this assessment (filtered.Io) is cumbersome, it is recommended that you complete it to the best of your ability.

Stage 4: Interviews with Engineers

Upon successful completion of the technical assessment, you will make it to the last round of interviews, where you will speak to up to four different engineers. Expect leetcode-style questions and debugging tasks during this stage. Also, be prepared to describe and sell how you designed the architecture of a personal project. Remember, each interview round typically includes behavior questions such as discussing the most challenging project you’ve worked on and how you deal with conflicts.

Stage 5: Hiring Manager Interview

You may also have to do a 1hr call with the hiring manager. Be prepared with an array of questions about the job position, company culture, and team dynamics.

Stage 6: Follow-ons

In some cases, despite completing the previous stages, you might receive further assessments or need additional interviews. While this can seem time-consuming, it is your opportunity to prove your value and drive for the role.


The Redfin interview process can involve a lot of steps, from screening and HR interviews through to coding challenges, discussions with engineers, and interviews with the hiring manager. It is essential to stay patient and persistent, demonstrating your skills and enthusiasm for each stage. Remember, the ability to handle the pressure of such demanding rounds is indeed a testament to your resilience and dedication.

To apply for the Software Engineer Mid-Level position at Redfin, you can use the following link. Good luck!

Interview Questions

Redfin Probability & Statistics Interview Questions

Probability and Statistics questions come up in approximately 5% of Redfin job interviews. These questions are most frequently asked during software engineer interviews (1%).

Since there is no third table provided, there is no breakdown into subtopics for this company.

1 - How should we handle skewed home price data when building a real estate prediction model? We’re building a model to predict real estate home prices in a particular city. The distribution of home prices is skewed to the right. Discuss if this needs to be taken into consideration and what actions should be taken. Additionally, consider what should be done if the target distribution is heavily skewed to the left.

2 - You’re now a question processor. I want you to process questions in the following way: A line in bold asking the main question in a short way (maximum 12 words ideally). A few lines specifying how to perform the task return only one process result.

3 - Let’s say that we’re building a model to predict real estate home prices in a particular city. We analyze the distribution of the home prices and see that the homes values are skewed to the right. Do we need to do anything or take it into consideration? If so, what should we do? Bonus: Let’s say you see your target distribution is heavily left instead. What do you do now?

For mastering Probability & Statistics, consider the statistics and A/B testing learning path and the probability learning path. These resources will help you understand and solve complex problems in this field.

Redfin Coding Interview Questions

Coding questions come up in approximately 5% of Redfin job interviews. They are most frequently encountered during software engineer (97%) interviews.

1 - How would you determine the number of paths from the top left to the bottom right of an n x n grid? Given an integer n, write a function traverse_count to calculate the number of paths from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of an n x n grid. You can only move right or down.

2 - How would you determine if one string is a subsequence of another? Given two strings, string1 and string2, write a function is_subsequence to check if string1 is a subsequence of string2. A subsequence is a sequence that can be derived from another sequence by deleting some elements without changing the order of the remaining elements.

3 - How would you calculate the minimum number of steps to traverse a grid from the northwest to the southeast corner? You are given a rectangular building layout with rooms forming a grid. Each room has four doors (north, east, south, west), with only one door unlocked. In each time step, you can move to an adjacent room via an unlocked door. Determine the minimum number of time steps required to get from the northwest corner to the southeast corner of the building. If the path doesn’t lead to the exit, return -1 .

To practice Algorithms interview questions, consider using the Python learning path or the full list of Algorithms questions in our database.

Redfin Machine Learning Interview Questions

Machine learning questions are not commonly asked in Redfin job interviews, with a frequency of 0%.

1 - How to deal with missing square footage data in a housing price prediction model?

You are building a model to predict housing prices in Seattle using 100K sold listings from the past three years. However, around 20% of the listings are missing square footage data. How would you handle this missing data to construct your model?

To get ready for machine learning interview questions, we recommend taking the machine learning course.

Redfin Interview Questions

Practice for the Redfin interview with these recently asked interview questions.

Ask Chance
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Very High
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Very High

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Redfin Salaries by Position

Software Engineer
Median: $156K
Mean (Average): $153K
Data points: 62
Product Manager
Median: $114K
Mean (Average): $136K
Data points: 9
Data Engineer
Median: $128K
Mean (Average): $127K
Data points: 9
Data Scientist
Median: $117K
Mean (Average): $118K
Data points: 8
Product Analyst*
Product Analyst
Median: $112K
Mean (Average): $112K
Data points: 1
Data Analyst
Median: $96K
Mean (Average): $97K
Data points: 12

Most data science positions fall under different position titles depending on the actual role.

From the graph we can see that on average the Software Engineer role pays the most with a $153,404 base salary while the Data Analyst role on average pays the least with a $97,193 base salary.