Published July 19, 2021

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Overview and objectives

In this course we'll go over the basics of Python and the various types of interview questions that get asked for data science and analytical roles.


The pre-requisites for this course involve basic knowledge of Python and it's syntax. Understanding of for loops, dictionaries, and other common data structures is required.


Courses in this learning path are:

Why Python?

Python is the main programming language of choice for the data science industry. This course will cover the key ideas of using Python.

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Data Structures

Data structures in Python attempt to be more intuitive and flexible than traditional data structures in other programming languages.

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Common DS Packages

As we said in the first section of this course, a major benefit of using Python for data science in comparison to other programming languages is the availability of a large number of useful packages that are distributed under a free license.

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Python Questions: Hard

Let's try some hard Python questions that you would see in tougher data science interviews and many machine learning interviews.

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