Humana Interview Questions

Humana Interview QuestionsHumana Interview Questions

As a Fortune 40 company, Humana stands at the forefront of enhancing health and well-being, driven by a dedicated workforce passionate about delivering exceptional care. Recognized nationally as a leading health benefits company, Humana’s commitment extends beyond traditional healthcare, embracing technological innovation and data-driven insights.

In a data-driven company, there is a persistent need for data professionals. Here are a few things you might need to know to score a job in your next Humana interview.

The Interview Process

  1. Initial contact: The first step usually involves an initial contact via email or phone from Human Resources explaining the recruitment process.
  2. Video call Interviews: The first significant step of the interview process involves one or more thirty-minute-long video call interviews focused on your experience and behavioral questions. These interviews are designed to confirm your experience and gauge your suitability for the team.
  3. Pre-recorded Phone Interview: The next step is a pre-recorded phone interview. The HR tool provides the questions, and you will have to record your answers. The questions are reasonably straightforward; don’t hesitate to repeat the question if needed.
  4. Telephone Technical Interview: This step involves a telephone technical interview, where you will be asked about your technical knowledge and how you applied them in your past role(s) and projects.
  5. Behavioral Questions: Get ready for behavioral questions that seek to gauge your response to challenges, team collaboration, and similar real-life scenarios. Don’t forget to detail how you overcame the challenges.
  6. Technical In-depth Interview: If you proceed beyond these steps, be ready for an in-depth technical interview which would usually involve meeting multiple people - about 6 to 8 at once. Here candidates would need to answer more complex technical and statistical questions relating to their project experiences as mentioned in their resume.

Humana Interview Guides

Humana Coding Interview Questions

At Humana, coding prowess is a critical skill set, especially for roles that delve deep into software development, data analysis, and data science. The statistics reveal that coding questions are a staple in Humana’s interview process, with a staggering 97% of software engineer interviews featuring them. Similarly, data analysts and data scientists are frequently tested on their coding abilities. Here are some representative coding questions to give you a glimpse of what to expect:

1 - How would you write a function to find the moving window average of a list of numbers? Given a list of numbers nums and an integer window_size, write a function moving_window to find the moving window average. Provide examples of your function in action.

2 - How would you write a Python function to add together all combinations of adjacent integers in a string? Write a Python function that adds together all combinations of adjacent integers of a given string of integers named int_str. Provide examples of your function in action.

3 - How would you write a function to find the longest common prefix in a list of strings? Given a list of strings, write a function that returns their longest common prefix. If the list of strings has no common prefix, return an empty string. Provide examples of your function in action.

To practice Algorithms interview questions, consider using the Python learning path or the full list of Algorithms questions in our database.

Humana SQL Interview Questions

Data is the lifeblood of modern organizations, and Humana is no exception. With a significant portion of their decision-making process being data-driven, SQL skills are highly sought after, especially for roles like data analysts and data scientists. The interview statistics underscore the importance of SQL in Humana’s recruitment process. Here are some SQL questions to help you get a sense of the challenges:

1 - How would you use SQL to answer questions about transactions in the annual_payments table? We have an annual_payments table. Write SQL queries to answer the following questions:

  1. How many total transactions are in this table?
  2. How many different users made transactions?
  3. How many transactions listed as "paid" have an amount greater or equal to 100?
  4. Which product made the highest revenue? (use only transactions with a "paid" status)

2 - How would you write a query to find users who are currently “Excited” and have never been “Bored” with an ad campaign? You work at an advertising firm and have a table of users’ impressions of ad campaigns over time. Each impression_id consists of values of user engagement specified by ExcitedOK, and Bored. Write a query to find all users that are currently “Excited” and have never been “Bored” with a campaign.

3 - How would you write a query to get the total amount spent on each item by users that registered in 2022? You work at Costco, which has a users table with user information, including their registration date, and a purchases table with the entire item purchase history for those users. Write a query to get the total amount spent on each item in the ‘purchases’ table by users that registered in 2022.

To continue practicing, try the SQL learning path and the full list of SQL questions and solutions in our interview questions database.

Humana Probability & Statistics Interview Questions

Probability and statistics form the backbone of many analytical roles at Humana. These mathematical tools help in making informed decisions, understanding trends, and predicting future outcomes. As such, candidates for data-centric roles at Humana are often evaluated on their grasp of these concepts. Here’s a snapshot of the kind of questions you might face:

1 - Is the coin fair if it lands on tails 8 times out of 10 flips? You flip a coin 10 times and it comes up tails 8 times and heads twice. Based on this outcome, would you consider this coin to be fair?

2 - What is the difference between covariance and correlation? Explain the difference between covariance and correlation. Please provide an example to illustrate your explanation.

3 - What is the mean and variance of the distribution of 2X - Y? Given that X and Y are independent random variables with normal distributions, calculate the mean and variance of the distribution of 2X - Y. The corresponding distributions are X ~ N(3, 4) and Y ~ N(1, 4).

To prepare for Probability & Statistics questions, consider using the statistics and A/B testing learning path and the probability learning path. These resources cover a wide range of topics, from basic statistics to advanced probability concepts.

Humana Salaries by Position

Machine Learning Engineer*
Machine Learning Engineer
Median: $172K
Mean (Average): $172K
Data points: 1
Product Manager*
Product Manager
Median: $133K
Mean (Average): $133K
Data points: 2
Data Engineer*
Data Engineer
Median: $128K
Mean (Average): $128K
Data points: 2
Software Engineer
Median: $108K
Mean (Average): $115K
Data points: 44
Data Scientist
Median: $105K
Mean (Average): $108K
Data points: 56
Business Intelligence
Median: $82K
Mean (Average): $83K
Data points: 14
Data Analyst
Median: $63K
Mean (Average): $73K
Data points: 6

Most data science positions fall under different position titles depending on the actual role.

From the graph we can see that on average the Machine Learning Engineer role pays the most with a $172,000 base salary while the Data Analyst role on average pays the least with a $73,222 base salary.

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