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Facebook Data Scientist | April 2020

Company: Facebook

Position: Data Scientist

Location: Menlo Park

Level: nan

Outcome: Techncal Screen Rejected

How was the interview process? What was it like?

Recruiter screening with generic background check, interest, and description of position. Had a case study on product sense related to Instagram story health measurement. Technical screening - SQL, product sense case study.

What technical questions were asked?

SQL / Pandas, Probability, Statistics & AB Testing, Business Case and Estimation

What was one of your solutions?

2 main measurement: user hits and conversion into revenue generating. 1. Measure how long users spent on InstaStory compared to their overall visit session. Understand their browsing behavior. 2. If they hit any influencers account, and understand how many hit revenue generating stories. 3. Browsing behavior on time length spent on each story and ad session seen. 4. Understand demographic of user to better understand ad targeting.


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