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Data Analytics Live Course -> Starting June 29th

dsjJune 20, 2022


This 6 week class will go over everything you’ll need to know to ace your upcoming data analytics interviews. Specifically we’ll start out on a deep-dive on SQL problems, then jump into the fundamentals of product and data analytics, causal inference and A/B testing, and business and technical communication.

This class is also being taught from a first-principles kind of thinking. While many of you will have studied data analytics in university or online classes, this class is a little different in which we focus on the real-world applications of data analytics problems, and focus our curriculum around how we should better think about these problems.

How to Get Access to the Live Course:

  1. Sign up for Interview Query Premium
  2. After signing up - email [email protected] with the subject line “Need access to Data Analytics Course”.
  3. We’ll verify your account and add you to the Slack and Google Contacts group. You’ll get an invite for each course meeting link as well the curriculum.

Prerequisite Knowledge:

Some basic SQL knowledge will be helpful before attending this class. But we will provide a self-study curriculum that you can do alongside the class. Advanced SQL won’t be necessary until the 4th session.

Curriculum and Schedule: (All classes will be at 2pm PST and will be recorded if you miss the session)

  • June 29th: SQL: Introduction to SQL Problems
  • July 6th: Data Analytics Part 1: Causal Inference
  • July 20th: Data Analytics Part 2: Diagnosing Issues and Product Metrics
  • July 27th: Data Analytics Part 3: Analytics SQL Case Studies
  • August 3rd: Marketing Analytics Case Studies
  • August 10th: Business Communication and Health Metrics

Assignments and Certifications:

Every week we’ll have all students complete a number of homework assignments before the beginning of the next class. Each assignment will be on the Interview Query platform and grading will be performed by peers and TA’s. The student must complete all assignments by the end of the last class to receive a certification for this course!

Who’s teaching the course?

My name is Jay. Before I started Interview Query, I was a data scientist for 4+ years in Silicon Valley with a focus on product analytics and machine learning.

I use data analytics every single day for the Interview Query business.

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