10 Best Companies to Work for as a Data Analyst in 2024

10 Best Companies to Work for as a Data Analyst in 2024


Data analysts still hold some of the most in-demand qualifications in the job market in 2024. Many employers are hiring for this position, but some have more to offer.

However, positions in certain companies will be less secure this year as layoffs continue. Citigroup, for instance, is aiming to cut 20,000 jobs by 2026. Despite this, there are signs of the market rebounding, and FAANG job openings are recovering. Meta and other tech giants are betting big on AI, a positive sign for data-related jobs.

Despite the reduction in hiring and ongoing layoffs, there are many opportunities for data analysts in 2024. This could still be the year for your best career move yet, and this list of the 10 best companies to work for as a data analyst in 2024 should help.

What are the Best Companies For a Data Analyst to Work At?

1. Meta

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is making a big bet on AI, and where there is AI, there will be data analysts. In line with this, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the company would acquire 350,000 H100 GPUs, a potential $9 billion investment.

As a Data Analyst at Meta, you could be tasked with identifying new trends on Meta’s networks, maintaining existing data pipelines, creating dashboards, or handling additional responsibilities driven by their ambitious AI goals.

Why Work Here

  • The compensation package for Data Analysts at Meta is good and includes an average base salary of $136,432, excellent health coverage, RSUs, support for family planning, etc.
  • Meta aims to create artificial general intelligence. This is an ambitious project that will likely carry on for years. This makes it a good time to join the team as a data professional.
  • The data teams at Meta are diverse and inclusive. Employees have stated that they believe their colleagues care for them professionally and personally.
  • The culture at Meta is very open, and employees are encouraged to be themselves and not be afraid of making mistakes.
  • As a Data Analyst, you’ll be in the company of many brilliant individuals that you can learn from and discuss ideas.

If you’re considering Meta as a viable company to apply to, then why not check out our guide for Meta’s Data Analyst role? In it, we make sure to cover everything that you need to know about Meta’s interview process, questions, and tips to ensure your chances of getting hired are maximized.

2. Bloomberg L.P.

Bloomberg continues to be an important source of real-time market data and analytics for Wall Street. With the launch of Bloomberg Next, a revamped version of its terminal, the company is positioning itself to continue being a dominant force in financial markets.

The responsibilities of Data Analysts at Bloomberg include using domain knowledge to transform data into suitable models for the company’s clients, assisting in developing data-driven technologies, assessing data accuracy, and procuring data to support different projects.

Why Work Here

  • For data analysts who favor financial markets, this is an opportunity to work with one of the biggest names in the industry and gain deep exposure to the best tech in finance.
  • Data Analysts at Bloomberg receive great benefits, including a retirement savings plan that the company matches and access to various insurance policies, including pet insurance.
  • You could get up to $12,000 in tuition reimbursement every year and assistance with refinancing student loans.
  • As a new analyst, you can get a $500 stipend for your work-from-home setup.
  • The company has an inclusive culture, including support for trans employees.
  • Existing employees at Bloomberg are highly in favor of the company’s direction and leadership.
  • Bloomberg employees enjoy many discounts, including free access to events, theatres, etc.

Do you like the prospect of working in the world of financial markets? This interview guide for the Bloomberg Data Analyst position may be the key to your success. It covers the interview process, relevant interview questions, and tips on how to make a great impression during your interview.

3. Amazon

Data and AI are now key parts of Amazon’s e-commerce platform and its AWS services. The company continues to hire data analysts as it looks to improve how it supports the users of its platforms, offer better product recommendations, and tap new business opportunities.

Data Analyst roles at Amazon come with a range of responsibilities, including translating business problems into models for analytics, coming up with analytics that drive business decisions, data mining, and developing new data pipelines.

Why Work Here

  • Data Analysts at Amazon are well-compensated, with the base salary averaging $125,191.
  • Amazon’s many divisions mean there are many exciting teams and projects for data analysts to join.
  • There is no waiting period for medical, dental, and vision health coverage for full-time employees.
  • Amazon employees have access to exclusive discounts, including deals on auto insurance, entertainment, travel, and mortgage interest rates.
  • You can further your education as a Data Analyst with the company fully funding college tuition, GEDs, and ESL certifications.
  • New parents can get as many as 20 weeks of paid leave.

If landing a role at Amazon is your target this year, our Amazon Data Analyst Interview Guide can be a valuable resource for you. We provide details of the interview process, questions you may encounter in the interview, and information on how to prepare for the big day.

4. JP Morgan Chase & Co.

JP Morgan Chase & Co. is one of the oldest banks in the world and has access to many years worth of client data. As the data-driven transformation of the banking industry continues, this company is trying to do more with its vast amounts of data.

Data analysts play key roles in the company, assisting in fraud detection, task automation, and customer experience. The company has several data-focused teams, including the Machine Learning Center of Excellence and AI research teams.

Why Work Here?

  • Compensation packages for analysts are fair, with the average base salary for data analysts being $93,807. Benefits include medical coverage, a stock purchase scheme, and childcare services.
  • Data Analysts at JP Morgan Chase & Co. may enjoy flexible work options, including work-from-home plans.
  • 87% of employees approve of the company’s direction under the current CEO, and 80% would recommend it to a friend.
  • The company employees get discounts on goods, services, travel, entertainment, etc.
  • Data Analysts get to work on cutting-edge problems using cutting-edge tech in the financial services industry.

Interview Query’s JP Morgan Chase Data Analyst Interview Guide has a lot to offer if you’re considering a role at the company this year. We provide information on the interview process, preparation tips, and detailed questions and answers to help get you interview-ready.

5. Accenture

91 of the Fortune Global 100 use Accenture’s consultancy services. With more of its clients starting to make use of big data and hiring their own data science teams, Accenture has also switched to offering data and AI-infused services.

The company has a presence in many industries, from aerospace and defense to banking and health. Its data-driven services include supply chain network transformation and strategy development.

Why Work Here?

  • Accenture has an excellent health and wellness package that includes extra mental health benefits, on-site daycare, and fertility assistance.
  • Data Analysts earn competitive base salaries but can also earn bonuses for certain achievements and contributions to the company.
  • Employees can get between 17 and 27 days of paid time off (traditional vacation time).
  • Eligible Accenture employees can purchase company shares at a 15 percent discount.
  • Accenture has many interesting projects for Data Analysts to work on.

If you’re thinking about working in tech consultancy, Accenture is the place to be. Our Accenture Data Analyst Interview Guide contains tips, process details, and interview questions to improve your odds of making it through your interview this year.

6. Apple

By 2023, there were more than 2 billion active Apple devices. This translates to a massive amount of user data that the company uses to improve the products and services it offers. The company’s products have also started to feature AI-powered features such as facial recognition.

Data analysts play many roles in the company, including providing analytics for the development of device components and business insights to improve the company’s performance in key markets.

Why Work Here

  • Apple employees get access to flexible medical plans that even pay for acupuncturists and dietitians.
  • Apple employees get discounts when purchasing Apple stock in addition to stock grants.
  • You’ll gain access to Apple University, where you can learn about the company culture and take other courses relating to your data analyst position.
  • Employees are reimbursed for some education-related expenses, including tuition.
  • The company matches your contributions to charities up to a yearly maximum of $10,000.
  • Apple employees can buy Apple products at special prices plus deals on third-party accessories.

Apple remains a highly sought-after destination for tech professionals, and our Apple Data Analyst Interview Guide aims to get you closer to joining the exclusive company. Find out how the company hires its analysts, including its recruitment process and questions asked during the interviews.

7. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is one of the four largest banks in the US, with over 68 million customers in 22 countries. With data and AI becoming a fixture in financial services, the company has made major investments in the two and was able to use customer data to help redesign its banking portal.

Data analysts at Wells Fargo can take on various roles, including providing analytics to improve business decisions and customer experience and combining data and industry knowledge to design compelling presentations for business partners.

Why Work Here

  • Opportunity to develop data solutions for the financial services industry as a data analyst.
  • Employees get a comprehensive medical plan for themselves and their families, including children aged 26 and under.
  • The company can pay as much as $35,000 towards fertility treatment.
  • Wells Fargo matches your contribution to your 401(k) plan.
  • Employees get a minimum of 18 days of paid time off.
  • As a full-time Analyst, you could get up to $5000 in tuition reimbursement per year. Dependent children of employees are also awarded annual scholarships of up to $3000.
  • Discounts on various Wells Fargo services and products.

Wells Fargo is a great destination if you hope to work as an analyst in the banking industry. As part of your interview preparation kit, the Wells Fargo Data Analyst Interview Guide on Interview Query will provide preparation tips, questions, solutions, and explanations on why certain questions are asked.

8. Kaiser Permanente

Data Analysts at Kaiser Permanente work on healthcare research projects. The company is the biggest managed healthcare organization in the country. This gives its Center for Health Research access to one of the world’s largest digital health record systems.

Kaiser Permanente conducts hundreds of studies annually centered around genetics and vaccines. The company’s predictive analytics unit continues to develop new tools that are used to improve patient care and outcomes in its institutions and beyond.

Why Work Here

  • You can make meaningful contributions to healthcare research and get access to decades worth of clinical data.
  • Data Analysts at the company receive above-average pay.
  • Kaiser Permanente employees who work more than 20 hours weekly can qualify for tuition reimbursements.
  • You may qualify for a generous amount of paid time off when you start.
  • Employees get access to excellent medical insurance options, including mental health care.
  • Employees get access to discounts on various goods and services provided by Kaiser Permanente.

Performing data analysis in the healthcare industry can be a very fulfilling experience. This is what you can look forward to at Kaiser Permanente. Check out our Kaiser Permanente Data Analyst Interview Guide to find out the interview questions you may face, plus the interview process and tips.

9. The Cigna Group

The Cigna Group is both a managed healthcare company and an insurance provider. It’s currently ranked 15 on the Fortune 500 list. The company has been utilizing data and analytics for various objectives including improving patient outcomes, early identification of risks, and reducing the cost of healthcare.

The company has different analytics teams that work in different areas, including health plan analytics, clinical and customer analytics, and specialty solutions analytics.

Why Work Here

  • As a newly hired Data Analyst, you’ll be entitled to at least 18 paid days off. You can also carry over a certain amount of unused PTO.
  • Cigna Group employees receive great medical benefits, and you can also earn wellness incentives of up to $800.
  • Data Analysts at The Cigna Group mention having a good work-life balance.
  • There is a large community of data professionals to learn from and share ideas with at The Cigna Group.

Have you been eyeing an opportunity at The Cigna Group? Take a look at our Cigna Data Analyst Interview Guide. We have compiled a list of questions you could be asked and explanations on how you should tackle these questions in your interview.

10. AT&T

As a communications company, AT&T is at the center of the current data and AI revolution. The company handles data to the tune of hundreds of petabytes every day and requires data analytics and AI to help it prevent device fraud, block robocalls, help collect delinquent payments, etc.

Data analysts at AT&T handle diverse roles, including performing analytics to determine use patterns of devices in networks, making recommendations to business partners regarding business direction, and assisting in business case development.

Why Work Here

  • AT&T employees get access to great medical insurance plans, including vision and dental insurance.
  • You can get tuition assistance to help pay for your education while working at AT&T.
  • You’ll get access to discounts on AT&T products and 3rd party products and services, e.g., live events.
  • You’ll be working in teams with some of the best data analysts and scientists in the industry.
  • Some data analyst positions at AT&T are fully remote.
  • You will have access to some of the best technology in the world.

AT&T has plenty to offer the right analyst. If this sounds like your kind of company, check out our AT&T Data Analyst Interview Guide. It offers information on the recruitment process at the company, tips, questions, and strategies you can use to handle the most challenging questions with ease.


If you have a data analyst interview coming up, check out Interview Query’s Company Interview Guides. You can learn about the interview process for this position at Meta, Apple, Amazon, and all other companies on this list. You can also check out our interview questions specific to these positions.

Interview Query offers a wide range of resources to give you an edge in interviews, including coaching services, mock interviews, and a community of experts you can learn from. Our interview questions are tailored to specific positions and companies, and you can also review the salaries for positions at different companies.

As you prepare for your next interview, we hope this list of the best companies to work for as a data analyst will guide you to your next big career move.