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Swipe Precision

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There are two tables. One table is called swipes that holds a row for every Tinder swipe and contains a boolean column that determines if the swipe was a right or left swipe called is_right_swipe. The second is a table named variants that determines which user has which variant of an AB test.

Write a SQL query to output the average number of right swipes for two different variants of a feed ranking algorithm by comparing users that have swiped the first 10, 50, and 100 swipes on their feed.

Note: Users have to have swiped at least 10 times to be included in the subset of users to analyze the mean number of right swipes.



variants table

Columns Type
experiment VARCHAR
variant VARCHAR
user_id INTEGER

swipes table

Columns Type
user_id INTEGER
swiped_user_id INTEGER
created_at DATETIME
is_right_swipe BOOLEAN


Columns Type
varient VARCHAR
mean_right_swipes FLOAT
swipe_threshold INTEGER
num_users INTEGER
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MySQL 8.0.17
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