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Size of Joins

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Let’s say you work at Allstate. Allstate is running N online ads right now. The table ads contains all those ads, ranked by popularity via the id column (e.g., the entry with id = 1 is the most popular, etc.).

Create a subquery or common table expression named top_ads containing the top 3 ads (by popularity) and return the number of rows that would result from the following operations

  1. ads INNER JOIN top_ads
  2. ads LEFT JOIN top_ads
  3. ads RIGHT JOIN top_ads
  4. ads CROSS JOIN top_ads

Note: Please make the join_type column in your output have the values inner_join, left_join, etc. for each of their respective join types

Note: Please return only one query with each number in a different row



Column Type


Column Type
join_type VARCHAR
number_of_rows INTEGER
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