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Rectangle Overlap

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You are given two rectangles a and b each defined by four ordered pairs denoting their corners on the x, y plane. Write a function rectangle_overlap to determine whether or not they overlap. Return True if so, and False otherwise.

Note: If the two rectangles border one another, or share a corner like two diagonally adjacent positions on a chessboard, they are said to overlap.

Note: The lists of ordered pairs are in no particular order. The first entry in list a could be the top left corner while the first in list b is the bottom right.



a = [(-3,5), (-3,2),(0,5),(0,2)]
b = [(-1,4), (3,4), (3,1), (-1,1)]


def rectangle_overlap(a,b) -> True

As point (0,2) is fully contained in rectangle b and point (-1,4) is fully contained in a rectangle a.

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Python 3.9.6
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