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You work at Stack Overflow on the community team that monitors the health of the platform.

Community members can create a post to ask a question, and other users can reply with answers or comments to that question. The community can express their support for the post by upvoting or downvoting.



post_analytics table

Column Type Description
id INTEGER Primary key of posts table
user_id INTEGER ID of the user who created the post
created_at DATETIME Timestamp of the post
title VARCHAR Title of the post
body VARCHAR Text content of the post
comment_count INTEGER Total number of the comments on a post
view_count INTEGER Total number of the views on a post
answer_count INTEGER Total number of answers on a post
upvotes INTEGER Total number of upvotes on the post
  1. Given a table of Stack Overflow posts data, suggest three metrics to monitor the health of the community.

  2. Write the queries for these metrics in SQL.

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