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40 Hilarious Data Science Memes

Data Science Drolley: The Funniest Memes You Will See
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Everyone needs a laugh once in a while, no matter how serious or difficult your job is. Data science can be mentally taxing at times.

So, if you feel you need a laugh, here’s some data science memes for some comic relief to make your job a little more fun.

1. This is why data scientists shouldn’t pursue stand-up comedy:


*Cue the stage run-off as the crowd throws tomatoes and onions*

2. When trying to impress someone as a data scientist doesn’t go as planned:


I guess I’ll just have to join NASA then.

3. The moment you realize that being a machine learning engineer isn’t that easy:


What were you thinking anyway?

4. When all you need is a hug and a balanced data set:


5. Attending your first data science conference:


This is a good representation of what might happen.

6. When you want to impress your crush:


This pretty much sums up the awkwardness all of us feel.

7. When you try to combine departments to cut costs:


It might work, right?

8. When you make weekend plans, but then remember that you’re a data scientist:


Yes, I’ll be in my pajamas coding if you need me.

9. Remembering that you need to code in Python to find feature importances after clustering:


Is there any moment that feels worse than this?

10. When you manage to run your model successfully during the training phase, but then it falls apart in the test dataset:


Some things just need to be left to the experts.

11. Where there’s dataset training, there is no misclassification:


Work smarter, not harder.

12. The point of no return when you realize your data is lost and there is nothing you can do to fix it:


13. When you learn a new data science concept in class:


Mindblowing, isn’t it?

14. There are two types of people in data science:


One should be more than enough, right?

15. Saying you’re not scared of anything, but then a mouse runs over your foot:


Prepare for your worst nightmare to come true.

16. Getting ready for another day at your data science job:


17. Working in data science is like living in another dimension. Namely, Mars:


Don’t worry. You’re not insane, we see it too.

18. When people at a party ask you about how you are:


Yeah, next topic, please?

19. When you want to win a million dollars, but the question asked is on a topic you know nothing about:


Make a choice already!

20. When there’s a sudden power shortage when you’re in the middle of coding and backing up your data:


All is not lost. Yet.

21. This is how you scare the living daylights out of a data scientist:


They’ll be seeking therapy for months.

22. When your colleague tells you that he has a larger data set than yours:


23. When management assumes that data science is the answer to all problems:


This meeting could have been an email.

24. When you get bored of looking at the same data all the time:


It’s scary what your brain can come up with when you need it the most.

25. Waiting for your first K-Means Iteration to finish running:


Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you.

26. When there’s an evacuation drill, and you’re in the middle of work:


Leave everything behind except what you need.

27. When your data science team misunderstands the task they’ve been given:


Errr… I think there’s been a slight mistake.

28. When you’re asked about your favorite things:


Goes great with whiskers on kittens.

29. When you are an engineering student attending a job fair event with your colleagues:


Trying to find a person who’s not a data scientist is like playing Where’s Waldo in real life.

30. When your cousin tells you he got into the country’s top data science program without knowing the basics of programming:


31. Good things come to those who wait…….. Data comes to those who have a programming background:


It’s not about happiness. It’s about getting lots of data to analyze and keep you busy.

32. When you start a conversation about AI with your best friend over a bottle of wine:


Yes, Terry, we’re pretty sure that you have.

33. Telling an experienced programmer that you’re working in data science:


Retreating into the corner slowly…

34. This is what happens when you flirt with a data scientist on your first date:


Mischief Managed?

35. The diversity of perspectives when you tell people that you specialize in data science:


At least some of it is true.

36. When you tell the interviewer that you know Tableau and other data visualization software applications:


It’s not really data science, is it?

37. What computer science students want to say to their professor after a three-hour lecture on Data Management:


38. Who you are at home vs. who you want to be in public:


Luckily, in the field of mathematics and computer science, we are all the same.

39. Who needs the hottest man of the century, when you’re in the sexiest profession of this century?


Data scientists mine more than just numbers.

40. Remembering the time when data scientists actually needed to code:


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