What Kind of Data Analyst Are You?

What Kind of Data Analyst Are You?


1. Your boss asked you to analyze a dataset for a big presentation tomorrow. You:

a. Start deriving complex mathematical formulas to predict the company’s future (1 point).

b. List the business questions you want to answer with the data (2 points).

c. Dive into the data and start investigating the most intriguing patterns (3 points).

2. A colleague asks you to explain the results of your analysis. You:

a. Start explaining the equations, making even the most math-savvy coworker’s head spin (1 point).

b. Describe its business impact and the actions you should take as a consequence (2 points).

c. Share a thrilling tale of how you unraveled hidden insights in the data (3 points).

3. When working on a project, your desk is:

a. An explosion of math textbooks, scribbled equations, and half-eaten snacks (1 point).

b. A strategic balance of organized notes neatly aligned with the company’s goals (2 points).

c. A detective’s lair, complete with evidence boards, maps, and magnifying glasses (3 points).

4. Your favorite data analysis tool is:

a. A worn-out calculator that’s seen more action than Indiana Jones (1 point).

b. A sleek laptop equipped with the latest data visualization software (2 points).

c. A classic notebook filled with cryptic clues and data-driven revelations (3 points).

Check your result here!

Formula Fanatic (6-8 points): You’re a math whiz, thriving in a workspace filled with scribbled equations and textbooks. Embrace your love for complex models, but remember to keep the problem in focus.

Boardroom Buff (9-14 points): Mastering the balance between data analysis and business objectives, you excel at extracting insights and aligning them with company goals. Colleagues admire your strategic approach. Just don’t forget to enjoy the process!

Data Detective (15-18 points): Passionate about solving data mysteries, you have a keen eye for patterns and anomalies. Maintain your intense focus on individual problems, but be sure to keep an eye on the bigger picture.