How he transitioned from Financial Analyst to Data Scientist at Credit Expert: An IQ Success Story

How he transitioned from Financial Analyst to Data Scientist at Credit Expert: An IQ Success StoryHow he transitioned from Financial Analyst to Data Scientist at Credit Expert: An IQ Success Story


Here at Interview Query, our goal is to help you land your dream job, and these success stories are one of the many ways we can help inspire you to achieve it.

This week, we’ve talked with Muhammad Imran Haider, and explored how he transitioned from doing financial analysis for commercial projects to practicing data science at Credit Expert.

By the end, we hope that you might be able to pick up a thing or two from his tips, strategies, and how they achieved success.

Let’s dive in!

What's your background?

My journey began with an undergrad in accounting and finance, graduating in 2018.

Post-college, I stepped into management consulting, focusing on financial analysis for commercial projects. A standout moment was a project analyzing global snacking patterns.

This massive dataset challenge sparked my interest in data science, and from here on out I started looking for ways to expand beyond finance.

When did you realize you wanted to go into Data Science?

While working on that snacking project, I encountered Tableau for the first time.

The dynamic possibilities of visualizing data opened my eyes. Motivated to dig deeper, I explored Python and SQL, and eventually enrolled in Oklahoma State University’s data science program.

Coming from a non-tech background, I was determined to build my technical skills quickly, but also in a way that would give me a strong foundation in the field. This program was a good fit for that goal.

How did you land the job?

My internship hunt began as summer approached, recognizing it as prime time for opportunities. It was clear that staying proactive as a job/intern seeker was crucial, especially with platforms that could facilitate the search.

Landing the internship at Credit Expert involved a straightforward process.

After applying online, I went through a formal HR screening and then a more focused interview with the director of data science.

The interviews, leaning more on my background and interest rather than technical depth, reflected the niche nature of their industry. The first two months were dedicated to intensive training.

I began my role as a Data Science Intern at Credit Expert last Monday. The first week was a deep dive into their cutting-edge technology stack, including Snowflake, Dataiku, and Figma, setting the stage for a steep learning curve.

What was your first impression of Interview Query at OSU?

Interview Query felt like a perfect fit at OSU. It offered practical problems akin to job interviews, urging us to practice daily.

Despite a strong start, I found maintaining consistency challenging. Nonetheless, it was a valuable tool in aligning my skills with industry demands.

Alright, so what’s next for you?

In the near term, my focus is on mastering my role at Credit Expert.

And, with a specific set of objectives to achieve in the current internship, I plan to return to Interview Query with renewed discipline, alongside preparing my job portfolio for a full-time role.

I aim to transition into data consulting roles at top firms, leveraging my growing technical expertise to secure a position in companies like BCG’s BCGX, McKinsey’s QuantumBlack, or Bain’s data consulting arm.