13 Best Data Science Job Boards

13 Best Data Science Job Boards

Start your job search with these helpful job sites for data scientists.

Finding a data science job is hard. Hundreds of jobs are posted every day on sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster, leading many to lose steam on their job search before they ever really get going. Plus, the “big boards” make it difficult to identify fresh job postings that haven’t already been recycled over and over. And the endless variety of job titles presents its own confusion around relevance, e.g., is a job actually in data science?

There exists a better option to avoid inefficiently spending your time:

Start your search on a dedicated data science job board.

These are the 13 best job sites for data scientists, data engineers, and AI and machine learning professionals.

1. Interview Query

Interview Query data science job board

We launched the Interview Query Job Board with the goal of making it the #1 job search tool for data scientists and data engineers. Since launching, we’ve added new search features like:

  • Ability to save job listings for later reference
  • Expanded the number of job listings on the site (currently there are more than 50,000 data science jobs listed)
  • Easy to read our available interview guides tailored exactly to the job and/or company you are applying to.

All of these jobs connect to your Dashboard on Interview Query after you’ve made an account. The dashboard provides a convenient place to stay on top of your job search, displaying which jobs you’ve already applied to and which you saved to apply to later.

Plus, we’ve added the ability to search by a variety of factors like location (including more than 5,000 remote data science jobs), companies (Amazon is the top company with more than 2,000 postings), job title (30+ positions like data scientist and machine learning engineer) and seniority.

Key Features:

  • 50,000+ data science jobs listings
  • Easy search options by location, company, title, and seniority
  • Job-saving and application tracking
  • Free access (with progress tracking when you create an account)

2. DataJobs.com

DataJobs data science job board

Founded by Frank Lo, the Director of Data Science at Wayfair, DataJobs is a job board for data analysts, data scientists, and data engineering professionals. There are two boards on the site: Data Science Jobs/Analytics (for analyst and data science jobs) and Data Engineering Jobs (for engineering and development jobs).

Key Features:

  • Search by location and common job titles
  • Great for positions related to analytics, data science, and engineering
  • Free to access

3. Blind

Blind data science job board

Blind is an anonymous social networking platform that caters to people in tech. The site doesn’t have a traditional job portal; instead, users can tag hiring-related posts. Therefore, Blind is really useful for networking with hiring managers and recruiters. This 1-to-1 connection can help you stand out from the crowd, rather than just Blindly (pun intended) submitting your resume for a position.

Key Features:

  • User-posted job opportunities
  • Ability to connect directly with poster and have a conversation
  • Great for unique or unpromoted job opportunities

4. Untapped.io

untapped data science job board

Untapped isn’t a data science job board, per se. Rather, it’s a recruiting platform. You can build a profile, which allows you to easily apply to jobs. But you can also generate organic leads from recruiters who find your profile on the platform. In terms of the jobs listed, Untapped specializes in tech and finance jobs, so it is not data science specific. However, many top tech companies including DoorDash, Zoom, Adobe, and Stripe use Untapped to recruit data scientists.

Key Features:

  • Ability to create a profile and easily apply for jobs
  • Track applications, schedule interviews, and send follow-up messages to interviewers
  • Curated jobs from top tech companies

5. Analytics Jobs

Analytics data science job board

If you’re interested in data analyst jobs, check out Analytics Jobs. The site is UK-based, and the majority of its listings are with companies in the UK. However, there is a small number of analytics and marketing analyst jobs based remotely and in the U.S. Overall, it is a great job board for anyone interested in an analytics career (especially if they are based in the UK or EU).

Key Features:

  • Hundreds of analytics-focused roles - both permanent and contract
  • Sign up for job alerts via email

6. AI-Jobs.net

AI-Jobs data science job board

As a data science job board, ai-jobs.net lists opportunities in a variety of categories, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision jobs. You will also find analytics, data science, and data engineering jobs on the site. AI-Jobs offers a number of useful search features:

Find jobs by location, see salary estimates for open positions, and search by specialization or seniority.

Key Features:

  • Data science jobs with a particular focus on NLP, computer vision, ML, and AI positions
  • Helpful salary estimates for open positions
  • Ability to save jobs when you create an account
  • Be emailed job alerts

7. Y Combinator

Y-Combinator data science job board

The Y Combinator jobs board is perfect if you’re looking for opportunities at early stage start-ups. The jobs board only shows opportunities at YC companies, and as a result, it is great for connecting with founders of early stage companies. You can submit your resume and apply to hundreds of jobs, and then connect with interested founders directly. It is a great resource if you are looking to help grow data science or analytics capabilities for an early stage company.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive to early-stage Y Combinator companies
  • Submit your resume and apply to hundreds of open positions
  • Connect with founders directly after you apply

8. R-users

R users data science job board

If you code in R, then R-users is the place to look for jobs. This is a “job board for people looking to hire R users”. Because it is so niche, there’s often only a handful of open positions at any one time. Still, it’s a great resource for R programmers looking for roles that are closely aligned to their skillsets.

Key Features:

  • Highly curated job postings for R programmers
  • Ability to submit resumes and connect with recruiters

9. DataScientistJobs

Data Scientist Jobs This platform showcases jobs for data scientists, data engineers, data architects, data analysts, and data modeling professionals. The company is based in Staffordshire, UK and the majority of job openings are with companies in the UK or Europe. One helpful feature: DataScientistJobs is part recruiting firm, and all of the jobs have an application window. That helps applicants avoid applying to closed positions, or positions that have already moved to the interview stage. Also check out the companion site:

StatsJobs for statisticians, analysts, and data scientists.

Key Features:

  • Application window for open jobs
  • Email notifications for new openings
  • Curated data science job postings for the UK and EU

10. AngelList Talent

Angel List data science job board

AngelList is a recruiting platform-specific to tech start-ups, and here you will find a wide variety of data science and tech jobs. What makes this platform so useful is that many of the opportunities are exclusive to the platform. Plus, it offers a number of recruiting tools for job seekers. For example, you can add your resume to the platform and quickly apply to relevant jobs while also connecting with company founders.

Key Features:

  • Unique and exclusive start-up jobs at top tech companies
  • Exclusive listings with salary/equity offers
  • Helpful application, portfolio/resume building, and job filtering tools

11. Upwork

Upwork job board Upwork is a useful tool if you are looking for project-based data science jobs. The platform allows anyone seeking data professionals to post jobs or projects, and Upwork freelancers can then apply and connect with hirers. Many data scientists use Upwork to launch consultancies or data science agencies, and there are also many ongoing data science and data analytics positions listed on the site.

Key Features:

  • Great for finding freelance and project-based data science jobs
  • Profile-building tools to help you get invited to active job posts
  • Contract management tools for invoicing help

12. Starbridge Partners

Starbridge Partners data science job board

Starbridge Partners is a recruiting firm that has recruited exclusively in data science for nearly a decade. The company’s data science jobs board features all of the open positions, and it is a great place to look for a curated list of jobs in a variety of industries. The search by sector feature is helpful, especially if you’re looking for data science roles specific to a niche like healthcare or e-commerce, and when applying, you are able to connect directly with the recruiter at Starbridge.

Key Features:

  • Curated data science positions at top tech companies
  • Connect with a recruiter when applying
  • Narrow your search by sector

13. Underdog

Underdog job board

Underdog specializes in start-up jobs in San Francisco, Boston, Washington, D.C. and New York City, as well as remote roles. Therefore, it is a great place to start if you are a job seeker in any of those cities. One great thing about Underdog is that it seeks to forge connections between applicants and hiring managers, and as a result, it is a great place to network and land non-promoted opportunities at early-stage and high-growth companies.

Key Features:

  • Ability to apply to multiple jobs quickly
  • Connect with founders and recruiters after applying
  • Curated list of start-up data science jobs

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