Interview Query Is Partnering with Top Colleges

Interview Query Is Partnering with Top Colleges

Interview Query is partnering with Columbia University and Georgia Tech to help soon-to-be graduates prepare for technical data science interviews

Overview: IQ Partnerships

Interview Query’s mission has always been to help aspiring data scientists ace their interviews and land jobs at top companies.

We started with a small bank of real data science interview questions.

And have since developed a wide range of interview prep resources, including more than 400+ data science interview questions (with hints and solutions), a data science course, interview coaching, take-home assignments and more.

We’re excited to announce the latest step forward in our mission.

We’re partnering with top colleges, including Columbia University and Georgia Tech University, to help students prepare for technical data science and machine learning interviews.

These partnerships are helping us expand our reach and empower more talented professionals to reach their career goals. We couldn’t be happier to partner with such prestigious institutions.

About Our Partnerships with Columbia and Georgia Tech

Both Georgia Tech and Columbia provide their students with many career planning resources. Interview Query will now help students and recent graduates prep for interviews on their own, with their peers and on the go.

Through the partnership, both schools are providing students access to Interview Query premium.

How it’s going. Both of these partnerships have started strongly. We’re getting a lot of positive reviews from students, and we’re onboarding students in both programs, who are now using Interview Query to prepare for rigorous technical interviews.

How Students Can Sign Up

Through these partnerships, students gain access to Interview Query’s premium. To sign up:

  • Columbia University - Master’s students in the School of Engineering go to
  • Georgia Tech - Master’s students receive access from advisors. If you haven’t received access, contact your program advisor.

Getting Started on Interview Query


Interview Query provides a wide range of technical interview prep resources to demystify the interview process and help you study. With Interview Query premium, students have access to:

  • Real Data Science Interview Questions - Browse interview questions asked by FAANG companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon. Search by company, position, or subject area (e.g. SQL, Python, product metrics and more).
  • Data Science Course - Learn how to answer common interview questions with our course. Featuring modules in data modeling, A/B testing, SQL, machine learning and more.
  • Sample Takehomes - Explore 35 long-form takehome coding assignments from companies like Airbnb, Lyft and DoorDash. Each takehome is designed to mirror long-form coding assessments given by top companies.
  • Data Science Challenges - Try Challenges, our 20-minute data science skills assessment. See where your score falls on the distribution and how you compare to others who have taken the assessment.
  • Company Interview Guides See in-depth interviewing guides for roles at specific companies. Featuring interview overviews, sample questions and tips.

Partnering with Interview Query

We’re always looking to partner with schools and expand our reach. Interested in partnering with us? Here’s how you get in touch:

If you’re a student, introduce us to your career advisor today!  Or you can email us to learn more.