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Published August 5, 2020

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Product Metrics
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Overview and objectives

In this course we'll be going over how to apply product analytics and use product metrics to tackle common business problems and influence business decisions.


The audience for this course is anyone interested in learning product analytics with understanding of basic fundamentals around users, segmentation, and internet products.


Courses in this learning path are:

Introduction to Product Metrics

The first step in developing a product strategy is to identify the right metrics and KPIs to measure the success of your product. In this course, you will learn how to identify the right metrics for your product.

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Diagnosing and Investigating Metrics

Investigating metrics is a type of product intuition problem that will come up frequently in interviews. Examples of this are typically phrased along the lines of - If X metric is up/down by Y percent, how would you investigate it?

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Measuring Success

Measuring the success of products is critical to data science and analytics interviews. Generally, this question is an encapsulation of every time a product manager or executive asks the question: “So, how is it doing?”.

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Feature Change

Before launching a feature, we can imagine that the first step we’d have to take is analyzing the existing data in our product to make a decision about exactly what to build. This process is what creates the building or change of a feature problem that gets asked in product interviews.

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Metric Trade-Offs

Metric trade-off type questions can occur on their own in product interviews or as part of a larger product or AB testing interview discussion.

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