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Modeling & Machine Learning

Modeling & Machine Learning

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Introduction to Machine Learning
Modeling Case Study
Data Pre-Processing
Feature Selection
Model Selection
Machine Learning Algorithms
Recommendation and Search Engines
Model Evaluation
Applied Modeling
Machine Learning System Design
Generalized Linear Models and Regression


The machine learning and modeling case study is the most common type of interview question that tests a combination of modeling intuition and business application. This type of interview question is frequently broken down into different parts, in which an interviewer will first ask a very broad question about building a model for a product feature.

We want to approach the case study with an understanding of what the machine learning & modeling lifecycle should look like from beginning to end, as well as creating a structured format to make sure we’re delivering a solution that explains our thought process thoroughly.

For the machine learning lifecycle, we have around six different steps that we should touch on from beginning to end:

  • Data Exploration & Pre-Processing
  • Feature Selection & Engineering
  • Model Selection
  • Cross Validation
  • Evaluation Metrics
  • Testing and Roll Out

We’ll dive into how to tackle each part in the ensuing chapters.

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