Do you have questions from Facebook / Google / Amazon / Microsoft?

Yes every single question is curated from an actual data science, machine learning engineering, or data analytics interview from top tech companies. We spend hours crafting each solution to make sure it's easy to understand and conceptualize.

What topics are covered?

Each question will be one of eight wide-ranging topics covered in data science.

Do I need to cancel the crunch-time or interview starter kit?

Nope! It's an easy one-time fee for access to the course and materials for 6 weeks and 12 months respectively.

What's the benefit of choosing the crunch-time or interview starter kit packages?

Both packages are great for candidates that are just starting their job search or right in the thick of it. The interview question bank and take-homes challenges are made for candidates that are ready to get the jump on studying. Additionally we offer extra support in the form of Slack community access and interview prep sessions with founder support.

Should I still sign up if I want a job as a Data/Product/Business Analyst instead?

Many of the questions are suited for data jobs all across the spectrum from the more statistical side of product and business analytics to the more engineering side of data engineering and machine learning.

How many of the monthly premium subscribers get jobs?

So far about 95% of the premium subscribers that have canceled their subscription did so because they got a job by preparing through Interview Query!

How many take-home challenges do you have?

We have over 25 take-home challenges and will be adding more every month.

Do all of the take-home challenges come with solutions?

About half of the challenges come with example solutions. Since we're sourcing them from our network we can't verify solutions against subjective standards but would use these as guidelines for how to solve the challenges.

I signed up for monthly premium. When do I get the answers?

Once you sign up for premium, the solution will be emailed to you the day after you get the question. The solutions come in the morning on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

If I'm subscribed to the free version of Interview Query and I upgrade, will I get solutions for the previous questions?

Yes! When you subscribe you'll get access to solutions for all the previous questions you received.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your premium subscription at any time by logging into your account via our site.

Got more questions? Email us.