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Quora Entry Level Data Scientist | $318663

Company: Quora

Location: Mountain View, CA

Role: Data Scientist

Level: Entry Level

Total Annual Compensation: $318,663

Base Salary (annual): $160,000

Stock/equity (annual): $113,663

Bonus (annual): $45,000

When did you get this salary offer?: Last Week

  • Equity is a rough estimate: I’m offered 43,000 shares to be vested in 3 years (50%, 25%, 25%). Quora’s stock price is projected to be $9.73 per share and my strike price is $1.80 per share. The annual equity is estimated to be 43,000 * ($9.73 - $1.80) / 3 = $113,663. Quora is gonna IPO in 2022. It’s hard to say whether the actual stock price will be lower than the 2017 projection due to slow growth or higher due to recent monetization strategies and growth efforts.


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