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ZS Associates Entry Level Data Scientist | February 2020

AnonymousAugust 2, 2022

Company: ZS Associates

Location: New York, NY

Role: Data Scientist

Level: Entry Level

Outcome: Rejected

When did you have this interview?: Last Week

What steps were in the interview process? How far did you get? What do you think about the overall interview experience?

The process took a month. First HR screening then there was a technical interview over phone call which was an hour long. After this, I was called to New York Office. It was a long 12-5 pm session divided in 3 parts behavioral, technical and unstructured. They also take you out for lunch. I felt the 2nd round Data Science round was badly organized. The laptop they gave me for technical was flimsy and also had a activate windows watermark on desktop. Nevermind all that, when I sat for the technical round which is to do a data science case using your preferred language(R studio in my case), I could not install any of the libraries(All blocked by IT), I tried calling the tech recruiter but got no response. After 1.5 hr finally someone came and called IT to unblock resources. Most of my time was spent in figuring out how to do a data science challenge using base library than looking at the dataset. It was a very bad experience, I had also mailed the HR before the interview to make sure libraries were installed. I think using Google Collab could have been a better idea, if I knew about their cluelessness. After this there was unstructured round where I was asked how would I split money among 10 people.

What interview questions did they ask?

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