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Risk Analyst | September 2020

[email protected]April 5, 2021

Company: We pay

Position: Risk Analyst

Location: nan

Level: nan

Outcome: NA

How was the interview process? What was it like?


What technical questions were asked?


What was one of your solutions?

With transactions as (
Select a.account-id,, a.amount, rank() over(partition by account_id order by date desc) as latest_tran from 
(Select account-id, date, amount From checkout Where type = 8) as a
Left join (Select account-id, date, amount From checkout Where type = 9) as b
On a.account-id=b.account-id
And <
Where is null) 
Select a.account-id, a.amount
From Transactions where latest_tran = 1

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