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Uber Mid-Level Data Scientist | February 2021

Company: Uber

Location: San Francisco, CA

Role: Data Scientist

Level: Mid-Level

Outcome: Rejected

When did you have this interview?: 6 Months Ago

The interview consisted of 2 technical phone screens and an onsite. I cleared the phone screens, one of which focused on machine learning and the other one on stats and A/B testing. The onsite consisted of 6 rounds ( coding, machine learning, Stats/ A/B testing, Hiring manager, product case study, and one cross-team general interview). The overall interview process was smooth and in-fact it was very well laid in terms of helping the candidate understand the process and what is expected. They provided great insight into each interview.

What kind of technical questions did you get asked?

Questions like how would you design an ML algorithm for determining if a driver will accept a ride.


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