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Data Scientist | April 2020

Company: Typeform

Position: Data Scientist

Location: NA

Level: nan

Outcome: Onsite Rejected

How was the interview process? What was it like?

It's crucial to pay attention to duties and why they are searching a data scientist on the job description. Also to ask HR recruiter about how the team is composed and what they are working on today. This way you can make a better notion of what their needs are and what they will be focusing on. This is important because is a common denominator to be faced to questions which answers are related to how one can bring value to the company.
Imagining the possible problems the company is or have to face and how they can be solved with data science is a must.

What technical questions were asked?

Statistics & AB Testing, SQL / Pandas, Business Case and Estimation, Python Scripting, Modeling and ML knowledge

What was one of your solutions?

I mentioned many questions. Sorry, the solutions won't fit in here.


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