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Trivago Data Analyst | March 2019

Company: Trivago

Position: Data Analyst

Location: Germany

Level: nan

Outcome: Accepted Offer

How was the interview process? What was it like?

2 rounds after the take-home challenge. First round was mostly about technical stuff such as experiment design & measurement. Second round is more behavioral.

What technical questions were asked?

Modeling and ML knowledge, Probability, Statistics & AB Testing, Product Metrics and Measurement

What was one of your solutions?

For the measurement question, we basically need to understand that it's a local football team with strong local fanbase, so the effect is expected in that particular city. In addition, a proper A/B test setup is not possible. Therefore we do geo experiment (pick other cities with parallel trend as counterfactual). Another option is to simply compare YoY & MoM change, especially whenever there is a football match.
2nd and 3rd question can be answered just by looking at the formula for power & sample size calculation.


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