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NerdWallet Data Analyst | May 2020

Company: NerdWallet

Position: Data Analyst

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Level: nan

Outcome: Onsite Rejected

How was the interview process? What was it like?

Lots of questioning on behavioral aspects. How do you interact with PMs, UI engineers, managers. How do you frame a business question into a data format. What metrics would you consider for understanding flow of sign up page, what A/B would you conduct, when to stop the test and deliver results.

What technical questions were asked?

SQL / Pandas, Business Case and Estimation, Product Metrics and Measurement

What was one of your solutions?

Created a self join to the table, with a filter to limit to max date values 7 days or earlier. If the user has a campaign value- use that. If null, use the value from the self join. If that is also null, then call it organic.


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