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LinkedIn Data Scientist | October 2020

Company: Linkedin

Position: Data Scientist

Location: nan

Level: nan

Outcome: NA

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What was one of your solutions?

(q&a from Glassdoor)"Number of visits" and "time between visits" of crawler will be different from a normal user.
Intutively crawler will have more number of visits then a average user
And time different between visits will have less variance than a normal user.
Implementation :
Number of visits and average time difference between two visits for each user can be calculated using a simple group by sql query
Number of visits
From our data we can come up with cutoff( say 99 percentile of number of visits ) and then tag ids with Number of visits above 99 percentile number as crawler.
Time difference between the visits :
variance of Time difference between visits should be lower then some cutoff , cutoff again is some percenile number of whole data


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