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LinkedIn Data Scientist | March 2020

Company: LinkedIn

Position: Data Scientist

Location: Sunnyvale and SF

Level: nan

Outcome: Techncal Screen Rejected

How was the interview process? What was it like?

I could reach till Technical Phone Screen. Recruiter explained that Phone screen is usually 1 hour and comprises of Business Case and Technical (Mostly SQL and Python/R). If cleared, next round is onsite by a panel and then they match candidate to role.

What technical questions were asked?

Business Case and Estimation, SQL / Pandas, Modeling and ML knowledge

What was one of your solutions?

My first solution was to analyze the job title and company but obviously there can be fake titles or they may not completely translate into job role. So my solution was to use the LinkedIn mobile app location data to classify if a user was a travelling sales person. We can track the co-ordinates and calculate the distance travelled within a month per user. Since everyone travels for their day to day job to office, we can calculate a threshold distance  for large metros and small cities. If the user has travelled more than the threshold distance that would qualify as a traveling sales person. Next question - How would you validate the accuracy of the model. Answer - We could send out a survey with some hidden questions to collect actual data or provide incentive in some form to users who provide data.


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