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Google Entry Level Data Scientist | November 2021

AnonymousDecember 5, 2021

Company: Google

Location: Mountain View, CA

Role: Data Scientist

Level: Entry Level

Outcome: Rejected

When did you have this interview?: Last Month

I received technical phone screen after getting a referral. I was little nervous and stumbled through most of the interview. I was asked talk about a recent data science project I worked on and then asked two technical questions and a simple coding question.

What kind of technical questions did you get asked?

The first question was given amount of heads when flipping a coin how would you tell it was biased. Even though I had seen this question before I totally messed up the process at first and then tried another way that broke a rule of thumb. The second was about to give an example of when the median be a more appropriate measure of centrality compared to the mean and vice versa. The coding was straight forward just getting the sum of even and odd roots to 100.

Data Scientist

Great interview experience. Sorry to hear about the result but at least you know what to expect next time around!

Google loves their probability and statistics…

5 months ago

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