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Fractal Analytics Data Scientist | May 2020

Company: Fractal Analytics

Position: Data Scientist

Location: NA

Level: nan

Outcome: NA

How was the interview process? What was it like?

Tips: Should have learnt more about different metrics that could be important for a company at different times, dividing the business model into different parts of the company, thinking about metrics for tracking each of the above parts. 
In time series prediction, I should have shown the goodness of fit of my model.

What technical questions were asked?

Business Case and Estimation, Modeling and ML knowledge, SQL / Pandas, Python Scripting

What was one of your solutions?

For 1) I tried using time series forecasting and used ambient temperatures time series to do make linear regression model using arima errors.
For 2) Standard question in data structures.
For 3) Listed out all of the important things to be present in database for such a company (users, organisations, transactions, merchants, offers, sales, balances, reporting) and the product metrics important  to monitor for such a company (related to churn, i.e. customers dropping out after 1st, 2nd, 3rd usage, growth or contraction in the amount spend, merchants on which transactions are happening to explore patnerships, frequency and recency of transactions, etc)


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