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Facebook Manager Data Science Manager | November 2021

AnonymousJune 21, 2022

Company: Facebook

Location: London, United Kingdom

Role: Data Science Manager

Level: Manager

Outcome: Rejected

When did you have this interview?: Last Week

What steps were in the interview process? How far did you get? What do you think about the overall interview experience?

The process took 3 months . 2 screening interviews, 5 interviews and 2 follow ups . In total 9 interviews . Two of the interviewers were very disrespectful. One was chewing gum and the other one was yawning on my face and checking his phone without even apologising . In the end , the yawing guy that happened to be a director rejected me . The recruiter took ages to come back to me and suggested me to apply again in 6 months. Do they think that every 6 months I will be interviewing for 3 months and having the risk meeting people that do not respect candidates? In addition, no one even apologised to me.

What interview questions did they ask?

SQL question that required a trick to solve it

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