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Eurofins Scientific Senior Research Scientist | June 2021

AnonymousJune 7, 2022

Company: Eurofins Scientific

Location: Lancaster, PA

Role: Research Scientist

Level: Senior

Outcome: Accepted Offer

When did you have this interview?: Last Week

What steps were in the interview process? How far did you get? What do you think about the overall interview experience?

Applied for a job in the Biochemistry Department. A recruiter contacted me and asked if I would be interested in other opportunities within the company. I ended up interviewing with the Cell Assay and Development Department. Due to covid, the interviews were through Teams, and were 6 hours over two days. I started with team leads in one sub department, then the group lead. The next day was a different sub department I think, no one ever actually said. The process was fast and I had an offer within a week.

What interview questions did they ask?

What is a time in your previous work that you struggled, how did you overcome it? What is the thing that you've worked on that you're the most proud of?

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