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Data Scientist | October 2020

Company: Degreed

Position: Data Scientist

Location: nan

Level: Mid-level

Outcome: Accepted Offer

How was the interview process? What was it like?

It was good. I would say for tips make sure you can talk through in detail a previous project that you were the lead on. What were the pain points? How did you work with stakeholders? How did you communicate your solution and technical aspects of it? For the case challenge really focus on a clear line of thinking for a potential solution. Walk through your problem solving steps and make sure they are documented. For code readability and ease of use are key. Quality presentation in a report or presentation are key.

What technical questions were asked?

Probability, Product Metrics and Analytical, Python / Pandas, Business Case and Strategy, Modeling and ML Knowledge, ML Implementation/Engineering System Design

What was one of your solutions?

NDA on that


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