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American Express Entry Level Data Analyst | February 2022

red-let-8215May 18, 2022

Company: American Express

Location: nan

Role: Data Analyst

Level: Entry Level

Outcome: Accepted Offer

When did you have this interview?: 3 Months Ago

What steps were in the interview process? How far did you get? What do you think about the overall interview experience?

My position is called ‘Lead Analyst’. It was quite a smooth experience. I had been referred for that position so had to sit for 2 rounds in total. In both cases the panel was very accommodating and gave me an ample amount of time for forming my answers to their questions.

What interview questions did they ask?

  • the first round was mostly technical, they assessed my proficiency in python and SQL. For SQL they asked both conceptual questions(what are window functions, what is RANK(), etc) and queries(given the table/s on your screen, write a query to.., etc.). Was able to answer them easily since I had seen these kinds of SQL queries on leet code. Python part had basic questions regarding for-loops and lists(how to print list in reverse, etc). I was also asked a few puzzle and guesstimate questions.

  • second round was purely hr/managerial. I was given a few situations and had to answer what my behaviour in such situations would be. Some general questions like “Who’s your role model?”, “Why American Express?” and “What would you do if you don’t get this role?” were also asked. Remember to study up about the company and its products before you sit for the interview.

American Express
Data Analyst
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