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What's different about Google data engineer interviews?

Data engineer interviews at Google are a bit different than other FAANG companies.

For one, algorithms are a widely tested topic. In fact, they show up in nearly all data engineer interviews, according to our research. The average across all tech companies is just 40%. So the way you prepare for the interview will be a little different.

But there are similarities too. SQL is the most frequently asked about topic, which is common for data engineer interviews at nearly all tech companies. They’re asked in 94% of data engineer interviews on average. Plus, coding, ETL and database design questions show up as well.

Bottom line: If you’re prepping for a data engineer interview at Google, focus on the basics: SQL, Python and ETL. But do make sure you do a deep study of algorithms.

We just published a guide to help you out: Google Data Engineer Interview Questions. Take a look for some info about Google’s process, as well as sample questions:


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