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This week’s question: 10/4/2021 - Annual Retention

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Contest Rules

  1. Please submit your solution in a comment on the original question page. All submissions are due by the following Thursday after the contest start of Friday.

  2. Submissions are graded on factors of correctness, explainability, detail, and structure.

  3. The winner of the contest can choose between two prizes:

    a. $50 Amazon gift card

    b. Free month of Interview Query Premium

  4. Additionally if the winner is looking for a job, we will pass their CV around for any open referrals at top tech companies

  5. Follow common syntax and formatting guidelines for code and structuring out explanations.

    a. All code should be put into code-blocks with proper indentations. You can do so by adding three back ticks (“`) in Airtable

    b. Adding additional test cases is encouraged


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