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How to share an interview experience post

dsjAugust 24, 2021

At Interview Query, we’ve found that interview experience posts are a great way to share your experience with others. But writing a post is also beneficial for you as a candidate to personally reflect on the outcome of your interview experience

When we sit down and intentionally write down what we’ve experienced, we’re actively working to understand and clarify our interpretation of events.

So when you’re writing down and sharing your interview experience, think about what questions you were asked, what you stumbled on, what you could have done better.

Steps to share your interview experience

  1. Navigate to the interview experience topic in discussion here.

    Click on “New Post” on the top right and a subtask will slide out.

  2. Start with a subject

    A recommended format is: Company | Position | Month Year

    Example: Facebook | Data Scientist | Aug 2021

  3. Fill out the rest of the required fields

    • Company
    • Position
    • Location
    • Seniority
    • Outcome
  4. Describe the interview process and your reflection of how it went.

    Here are some guiding questions:

    • What were the steps in the interview process?
    • How far did you get in the interview?
    • What parts did you struggle on the interview? What parts were easy?
    • What would you do next time around? What would you tell someone else who was preparing for the same interview?
  5. What interview questions were asked?

    List out the interview questions that were asked. Additionally it’s helpful to add your solutions and what the interviewer thought of them.

    Use code blocks by surrounding your code in three backticks () and then adding the corresponding code keyword (python or “`sql)


    SELECT *
    FROM table_x 

    Please in addition add the types of interview questions they asked in summary → sql, algorithms, machine learning, etc…

    Quick FAQ

    • What if I want to be anonymous? You can make your post anonymous by checking the “Post as Anonymous” section below the post preview
    • What if I signed an NDA? NDA’s are traditionally non-enforceable for interviews. Either way it should be fine if you just post anonymously. However, if you still feel uncomfortable - you can change slight details of the interview questions or just redact specific company knowledge.
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