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The Snapchat data science interview questions will consist of a wide-breadth of problems that test the full-stack knowledge of data science. This means for the technical interview, Snapchat will be testing SQL queries, python scripting, AB testing and experimentation, statistics, and product questions about Snapchat.

Snapchat Behavioral Interview Questions

Most of the behavioral questions are during the recruiter and onsite interviews. Common behavioral questions on the data science interview would be:

  • Why are you interested in working at Snapchat?
  • Tell me about your experience working at Company X.
  • What kind of data science role are you interested in?

Snapchat Technical Interview Questions

Snapchat's technical screen will revolve answering a product question and a SQL question. Many times these will involve scenarios amongst ads and engagement.

They may also test more statistics and AB testing in the technical round if it's on a team with lots of experimentation.

Here are some example technical questions:

  • Given a schema of ads and ad impressions, write a query to get the total number of impressions broken down by Snapchat lens versus regular.
  • How would you investigate a drop in user engagement within Snapchat stories?
  • Given uniform distributions X and Y and the mean 0 and standard deviation 1 for both, what’s the probability of 2X > Y?
  • Given a log file, parse the file and return the name, age, and gender of each user.

Try the following SQL question in our SQL editor on Interview Query:

Comments Histogram — Interview Query sql problem
users table columnstype idinteger namestring created_atdatetime neighborhood_idinteger mailstring comments table columnstype user_idinteger bodytext created_atdatetime Write

Snapchat Interview Notes and Tips

Snapchat has a high compensation package, which is worth knowing during the offer negotiation. Their average salaries for technical hires ranges from $193,342 (in the 25th percentile) to $273,544 (in the 75th percentile). The average salary is $237,743 while the top 10% earn $319,865. For this reason, the interviews are difficult, and the baseline to hire is extremely high.

A recent data scientist with five years of experience also managed to get an offer at Snapchat that offered $195K base salary with $280K of stock options plus a $20K bonus. This comes out to a yearly total compensation of almost $300K in just the first year.

Snapchat is also doing pretty good right now. They recruited a lot of good talent from the Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc... companies, and engineering culture is good as well. Given multiple offers, Snapchat can usually beat any other offer in terms of total compensation in data science.

From the company culture, it's noted that the people in data science teams have good work life balance and do not get stressed too often within project release deadlines. However, different teams can have different cultures, and there are horror stories about some data science teams at Facebook, which can be similar at Snap.