The past three months we've been working hard on getting some more intuitive UI design. We're working on making the entire website more user friendly and collaborative for data scientists that are looking to solve problems and learn from interview questions!

Question Bank

We've added two features to let you save questions for you to come back to and mark questions as completed when you're done solving them.

With Interview Query Premium, you get access to 250+ data science interview questions with over 140+ in-depth solutions. Each question is bucketed into a couple of groups that you can filter and search on.

  • Question Type is the general topic of the question. In data science interviews there are around 8-10 question types falling within SQL, Python, Product, Modeling, and etc..
  • Company lets you filter by the company that asked the interview question. Many times, companies will ask similar questions, especially within SQL, Python, and Algorithms.
  • Positions lets you filter questions by the type of role such as data scientist, data analyst, ml engineer, etc... Most of the questions are asked in data science, but we do get interview questions from members that were asked specifically when interviewing for other roles.
  • Levels lets you filter questions by difficulty from easy, medium, and hard.

Discussion and Comments

Discussion is vital to Interview Query so that we can learn from different thoughts and opinions solving problems. Comments on Interview Query are written in markdown and associated with each individual question.

We provide a handy comment box for you to format your comment if you want to write code, add in links, pictures, and more.

Exclusive Video Content

Check out how Dan solves this data stream Linkedin problem.

With an Interview Query Premium subscription comes exclusive video content that showcases hours of mock interview footage and interview course guides. Each video that is centered around an interview question will have a link to the original question in the question bank on the bottom right!