Month of May Contest

We are running a karma contest on Interview Query from now until the end of May! Karma is awarded by getting upvotes on comments and filling out our interview questions survey. At the end of this month, we'll tally up the points and divide $235 in Amazon credit to the top ten users. Read more below on why and how we're running it.

Submit your Interview Experience

One more week to fill out our interview questions survey and earn Amazon credit for your effort in helping us add to our interview experience bank. The bonus is also that you'll get early access to an aggregated and structured version of each data science interviewing experience at each company.

Interview Query Highlights

Karma Contests

If you've ever seen a Facebook product metrics question, generally they're focused around understanding one thing: what can we do to drive engagement? Since the world now exists in an attention economy, Facebook realizes the more time we spend in social media, chat, and picture apps, the more ads they can put in front of us and the more money they'll probably make.

We at Interview Query are not Facebook. But we do want more engagement from our members! We'd expect that like any other discussion forum, albeit one centered around interview questions, the more people we can push to start engaging, the wider the network effects will be as we grow.

We want to try to kickstart that with running monthly contests with karma as an experiment. How we're calculating karma:

We'll divide up the Amazon credit as follows and I'll post the username of the users that won at the end of May!

1st: $100
2nd: $50
3rd: $25
4th: $20
5th: $15
6th-10th: $5

And yes, I will probably analyze the data for cheaters who think they can create multiple accounts and not be noticed lol. We can make that determination if we think anyone is trying to out-game the rules!