This week I'm excited to announce a couple of interesting new features that we're launching. I mentioned last week how we were working in personalization into our newsletter.

Most cadenced newsletters are delivered in one order. While we've tested different orders of our interview questions in the past to decrease our unsubscribe rate, we have gotten a lot of feedback that many of the questions aren't relevant enough to the broader audience. If someone is transitioning from a software engineer to a machine learning focus, then they're looking for different interview questions to practice compared to data scientists with a speciality in product analytics.

Therefore we've launched our data science assessment quiz integration that will not only show you how you scored against your peers, but will also re-calibrate the Interview Query newsletter and create a customized study plan based on how well you performed and which data science roles you're interested in.

Eventually our nirvana is building a personalization model for each data scientist’s study plan. Such that given a feature set of user preferences and question types and difficulty, can we predict which questions to send in which order to optimize their interviewing preparation.

At Interview Query, our main proxy metrics that we're deliver value for in our customers in the newsletter are email opens and unsubscribes. But as we continue to develop this product with a data first mindset, we'll make sure that we’re at the forefront of building the best data science interviewing product actually utilizing data science.

Lastly if you happened to do the quiz already but didn’t get an email to the page, please login to Interview Query and go to this page. If you still don’t see your results, please email me. I may have broken an ETL.